How long should your blog posts be?

I get this question a lot.  My answer is really simple.

As long as it needs to be and no longer.

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  • Love it!¬† I currently limit mine to around 250 words. They may get longer but I sort of like the one-point-per-post limitation. Your one point is well taken…

  • Good point

  • This one is a huge challenge for me. I took a lot of inspiration from Jon Acuff’s post about how he was going to start writing more short, unstructured posts (¬†for all of those ideas that he ignored because they weren’t fully fleshed out. This type of thinking helps me remember that if the content is good,¬†it will stand out whether its 30, 300 or 3,000 words.

    • Reed…you’re right. ¬†And thanks for the link to Jon’s post.

  • Debbie

    Ok. I LOVE this post. Made me smile!

  • This is super helpful. ¬†Permission really. ¬†Thanks Jon!

    • Sam, your posts are great.¬† I always enjoy reading them.

      • Oops… made a newbie reply mistake with my reply above. ¬†Anyway, thank you Jon. ¬†Your words are a gift. ¬†

    • Guest

      Thanks Jon. I appreciate that!

  • Thank you for answering what to me, had become a bit of a quandary.¬† The answer is usually simpler than the question.
    AND thanks for the laugh. Great blog post.

    • Thanks Tania.

      “The answer is usually simpler than the question.” I like that!

  • That’s great!

  • Aaron McHugh

    Jon this is a great video.  I recognize Clay in the opening scenes.  Some NYC footage I am guessing. 

  • Do not care anything.
    Your Blog is Really Nice.

  • I once answered this question the same way to a client. They didnt find it funny :)