Amy finishes her first half marathon

So this is a little off topic for my blog…but I’m really proud…and its my blog so I can do what I like.

My wife Amy just completed the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville.  Six months ago she was watching PBS and saw a NOVA special about a group of non-athletes who trained for the Boston Marathon.  She was so inspired by this that she decided she wanted to run a marathon.

Amy started a training program and here we are less than six months later in Nashville.  She finished in 3 hours, 12 minutes.  This was 20 seconds per mile under her training pace!

Here’s a video of her crossing the finish line.¬† Needless to say I was in tears.

She’s got another half marathon planned in a few months in Colorado Springs and she’s already registered for the full marathon at the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Antonio in November.

I’m proud of you Amy!

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